Art 142

Digital Art

Dallal/Fall 2015


5106 TTh • Art 5 • 9:30-12:30pm


Student Blogs


Adobe Learn Illustrator (AI)

Adobe Learn Photoshop (PSD)

Adobe Learn InDesign (INDD)

Adobe Learn Lightroom (LTRM)

Adobe TV

Photography Now

Creative Photography Online Book

Art 218 Digital Print Center

ECC Digital Arts Certificate




Joyce Dallal

310/660-3593 x3533

Office Hours:

MW 11-11:30 in ITEC33

TTh 8:30-9:30 in Art 5 or Art 16A

WEEK 1 | introductions & blog

camera & composition

photoshop review: resolution


PSD: Photoshop Workspace-all

Student Examples 1

Student Examples 2

Camera Assignment: 1.Point of View

Blog: Set-up & post link, About me,

Find 5 blogs to follow


WEEK 2 | intro to DSLR,

bridge: Organizing your images,

PSD layers review


PSD: Adobe Bridge-all

PSD: Layers-all

PSD: Image Adjustments

Intro to Adobe Bridge

Bridge vs. Lightroom

Intro to Canon Rebel DSLR | Manual

Intro to Canon G10 | Manual

How to hold a DSLR

Camera Assignment: 2. Focal Point

Storyboard Project


WEEK 3 | EXPOSURE: ISO & aperture,

Photoshop camera raw,

PSD selections & masking


PSD: Select part of an image-all

PSD: Camera Raw

ISO/Aperture/Shutter Speed

Exposure Worksheet

Exposure Triangle | Practice Quiz

Camera Sim: DSLR Explained

Camera Sim: Camera Simulator

Camera Cheat Sheet

Selection Cheat Sheet

Fake Depth of Field in PSD

Read your camera manual & make a cheat sheet for your camera

Camera Assignment: 3. ISO

Camera Assignment: 4. Aperture/Depth of Field












WEEK 4 | Exposure: shutter speed

Intro to lightroom


LTRM:General LTRM Workflow

Edit & Organize your Images

Use Photoshop with Lightroom

Tokohiro Sato video

Paolo Reversi: Vogue

Toby Harriman

Light Painting

* Spirit Photography Project

"Studio Portrait"

Camera Assignment 5: Shutter Speed


WEEK 5 | size & Resolution, output

PSD & InDesign


PSD: Photoshop workspace: Understanding resolution

INDD: workspace & add assets

Photoshop Key Commands (all)

Photoshop Common Key Commands

Pixel Size vs Print size

Costco Printing Guide

Matting your work

Cutting a window mat

HW: Spirit Photo-Shoot portrait, 'spirits', and background


WEEK 6 | color management & output


LTRM: Advanced Video Slideshows

PSD Color Management guide

Using Color Profiles

Color Management

Mac monitor calibration

HW: Spirit Photo-Shoot portrait, 'spirits', and background


WEEK 7 | complex selections

& masks


PSD: Select part of an image

Selecting Hair

* Hair Selection Ex

Alpha channels video

* Alpha Channel Ex











WEEK 8 | image modifications compositing


PSD Key Techniques: Automate

Dodging & Burning


Creating realistic cast shadows |Tutorial: C, Method 2

* Shadow Ex Files

Panorama Knitting

* Panorama Assignment

Getty Panorama Exhibition


WEEK 9 | REtouch


LTRM: Develop Module, Sharpening

PSD Learn: Retouch

Dove Commercial

Spa treatment

Hand coloring

* Retouch exercise

* Project: Shoot a portrait and retouch it in a naturalistic way. Hand in digitally showing before and after.


WEEK 10 | Panorama knitting


LTRM: Develop Photos chapter

LTRM: Merge to panorama

Adjusting Panorama Distortion

Puppet Warp

Adjusting Smart Objects










WEEK 11 | fine tuning the image


PSD Learn: Filters

Filter Effects Reference

PSD Retouch: Content Aware

Finish Panorama: work-in-progress crit

Panorama printing

Finish Retouch project


WEEK 12 | visual effects


Final Project

Digital Darkroom

Impossible Photography

Chris Jordan

5 minute Blog presentations:

Artists/ideas/sketches for Final Project


WEEK 13 | Color Correction,

indesign intro


Crit Panorama

* Color Correction Worksheet

* Color Correction Video

Book Template


WEEK 14 | Digital Painting


Matte Painting Tutorials

Step by step matte painting

Portfolio of job related exercises


WEEK 15 | photoshop & publishing


Practice Final Exercises

Process & Spot color

Duotones to Quadtones


WEEK 16 | portfolio


Final Project & Process Book Due

Study Guide for Final Scantron

Portfolio Sites

PBS Art 21: Place

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